About Counselling

What happens in a counselling session?

Counselling is often referred to as a “Talking Therapy”, but it involves more than just talking. Key to the success of counselling is the development of a trusting, working relationship between two people; me as the counsellor and you as client, coming to see me. It’s a special relationship because the focus is always on you and how we can work together for your benefit. Helping to establish and build this relationship is part of my role – my aim is to help you to feel safe, understood and accepted, so that you can speak freely about whatever you would like to.

Often people find that just the experience of feeling welcome and accepted in itself, can be therapeutic. But that is not all that can happen. My experience is that as you begin to settle into the counselling relationship it is possible to explore, more deeply, how you think and feel about things. It becomes possible to discover more about what is happening both within you and in the situations you live in.  Patterns and beliefs which have been around, often for a long time, can be uncovered, re-evaluated and often can become more flexible and helpful for day to day living. New understanding about situations can develop and lead to more creative ways of living and managing the challenges that life brings.

Counselling isn’t about being told what to do, or being “fixed” by another person. It often feels more like self discovery and a natural process of change which happens alongside this. Sometimes things have happened in life that cannot be undone and there are painful memories and scars. Counselling cannot change the past but can promote a process of recovery and help with finding ways to live meaningfully in the face of the past. Whatever your circumstances or the challenges you face the aim is always for you to find a more satisfying, empowered and whole way of living that works for you.


Where do we start?

If you are thinking that seeing me as a counsellor might be of benefit to you then you can make a start by either calling or or e-mailing me. You can ask for more information, check something out about how I might work with you or go straight ahead and book a Taster Session. I will encourage you to talk about what has been happening that means you are thinking of coming to counselling. But you will always be in charge of what you talk about and how much you tell me.

What do I need to do as a client?

If you can bring just a little willingness to give the process a go, that will be fine. Trying counselling out can be a bit scary  – I know. I will bring my skills and training to help with that and together we will find a way to make a start.

To find out more about making a start with counselling continue to  Taster Sessions