Taster Counselling Sessions

If you are looking for a counsellor, or just wondering if counselling might be helpful for you, these sessions are designed with you in mind.
Taster sessions are similar enough to ongoing counselling sessions that they can give you a real sense of what it would be like to come to see me for counselling. They give you time to come and talk with me about just where you are at and what you are hoping to gain from counselling. You might come with a clear idea of what you want from counselling or you might have never been to see a counsellor before, feel unsure about the whole thing and have lots of questions to ask. However you come, the time will be there to talk and think together about what is happening in your lfe and what sort of help you might gain from counselling. Taster Sessions last for 50 minutes for individuals or 50 -75 minutes for couples and are at a reduced price of £45.

If after talking things through we decide together that counselling will be useful for you then we will talk about how long you might come and see me for. Sometimes a few sessions can make a real difference to a particular area of your life. With some difficulties though, especially if you have been struggling with something for a long time, it can be helpful to come for a longer period to gain the most benefit possible from the therapy. Whatever we decide at the beginning we will review as the counselling goes on and we will be able to adjust the number of sessions if we feel that would be better for you.